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Thallium ore deposit discovered in Bahia, a strategic high-value metal

Located in the region of Rio de Contas, likely to supply entire world demand

This ore deposit is the world’s only known occurrence of an association of manganese, cobalt and thallium in a continental geological environment, in which Thallium may be considered the element of greatest economic interest.

In one of the 23 areas of the orebody that belongs to Itaoeste, the concession’s owner, the reserve in only one of them that has been prospected, may be able to produce 60 million grams, with a gram of thallium priced at US$ 6.

This volume is enough to supply world requirements over the next six year in high technology applications, strategic uses in health and energy, and as a contrast in cardiology image exams, as a superconductor element in energy transmission, and as thermoelectric material (motor vehicle engines, industrial boilers, computer chips).

Thallium is an extremely rare, strategic, and high-value metal, currently produced only by China and Kazakhstan, explained mining engineer Vladimir Aps, responsible for the discovery, In other areas where prospecting is in progress, continuity of the ore deposits has been evidenced and in a number of locations the Thallium content has been known to be above the average obtained in the first area prospected, which reflects the exceptional potential of this orebody in addition to expressive reserves of manganese and cobalt, which enjoy a brisk demand and market value.

Businessman Olacyr de Moraes, majority partner of Itaoeste, tell us that this is the first known occurrence of Thallium in association with manganese and cobalt, at least in a continental geological environment, which rates this discovery in the state of Bahia as unprecedented.

The announcement took place in the Superintendence of DNPM in Bahia and was attended by the superintendent geologist Teobaldo Rodrigues de Oliveira Júnior, Itaoeste directors Herinaldo Costa, Odécio Sartoretto, Enéas Garcia, and Carlos Cerri, and DNPM supervisors and technicians.

Itaoeste participates in mining ventures and performs technical research, exploration, and processing of ores, with ore deposits and industrial facilities throughout the country. Its associated companies are Tangará (exploration, marketing, ore processing, limestone for soil correction, production of civil construction additives, and production and marketing of lime) and Carmomicro (prospecting and mining of ore resources, processing, treatment, and marketing of ores, manufacturing, importing, exporting, and marketing of agribusiness goods and by-products, and mineral derivatives).


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